Raise Finance & Investment

A constraint for many businesses is access to the capital and cash needed to fund growth.

Firestation helps businesses raise finance and investment through Pitch Nights, Private Investors and securing bank finance.

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An option for businesses to secure capital for growth is private investment, either equity investment or lending investment.

Our Firestation Investors Club has successfully secured investment for clients from a pool of private investors.

This is only available for Firestation clients. Talk to us today about how it works.

Pitch Night

Partnering with Rotorua X, Rotorua Econmic Development Limited and other organisations we run:

Commerical Pitch Nights to introduce investment ready businesses to investors

Non Profit Pitch Night to raise awareness and funds for non-profit organisations. 

Secure Bank Finance

Securing bank finance can be tricky, time consuming and stressful.

We work with clients to secure additional or renewed finance for your business or even tender your relationship to the major banks.

We work for our client and do not accept bank commissions. This means we make sure you get the best deal possible by handling negotiations

With decades of experience in the banking industry we understand how banks and non-bank financiers work so I we quicken the process providing them with everything they need at the outset.

Our knowledge of banking enables us to work within the bank constraints to get finance approved that would otherwise be declined.

Benefits of using Firestation for your bank finance include:

  • Receive the most competitive interest rates and bank fees potentially saving your business significant costs.
  • Minimise the impact your time with Firestation handling all negotiations on your behalf and providing summary reports with our recommendations.
  • Receive competitive offers providing additional banking services that may not have been available or previously offered.
  • Ensure fast turnaround of offers by gathering all required information and analysis at the same time speeding up and smoothing borrowing process.
  • Arrange the most efficient structure minimising guarantees and security required.
  • Specialist advice to minimise the challenge of changing banks (if required).

Bank finance consulting is charged at an hourly rate and a small percentage success fee.

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