Goal Review Time

Business owners are renowned for setting pretty ambitious goals at the start of the year. While it is hard to believe, 2022 is already half over. With the year flying by at lightening speed it’s important to take stock of your goals and see how you are tracking.

So, grab that goal list you created at the beginning of the year, dust it off and get ready to be honest about your progress.

First you need to evaluate the status of each goal. If you have achieved any, give yourself a pat on the back and reward yourself. Now focus on the goals that you have not achieved (or if you’re being completely honest with yourself, the goals you haven’t really started working on).

It’s time to reassess all the goals still left on your list. Do they still matter and are they things you want to achieve? There is no point working towards a goal simply to tick it off a list.

Let’s face it, life circumstances and the business world is constantly evolving. It is quite possible that some goals you set at the start of the year are no longer be relevant to you.

Goals are living and breathing things and are not set in stone. It’s okay to change them. Take the time for a goal reset and make sure they are still meaningful for you personally or professionally.

This will ensure that your goals are still things that you want and need to achieve. Now get ready for the hard work. Look at each goal and think about what actions are needed to kick-start results. Write the to-do list to accomplish each of them.

We tell our clients that a goal is a dream with a deadline. Don’t just write the list, go one step further and put a deadline date next to each action. For the remainder of the year focus on accomplishing each step, not the goals.

Also commit to reviewing your progress regularly for the rest of the year. Don’t just say you will do it, schedule reviews in your calendar. By doing this, you will remain committed to accomplishing your business and personal goals.

If you need help to stay on track to achieve your goals think about using a professional coach. A coach is there to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and help you learn new ways of thinking and applying yourself. However, the primary benefit of a coach is accountability.

Coaches offer both encouragement and a forced discipline to help you achieve success in the goals you have set.

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